You are advised to wear warm clothes, raincoat, windbreaker, gloves, cap, mountain hiking shoes, eyeglasses, lip moisturizer and sun blocking lotion. All this so you can travel through the wonders that Cruce Andino® shows you.


Always carry with you, your passaport or identity card, since on our trip we must go through Argentinian and Chilean customs.


In Puerto Varas:
Departure and arrival will be made from the Andean Crossing Office (Del Salvador Street, # 72).

In Bariloche: Departure and arrival will be made from the following hotels and points in the city:
Andean Crossing Office (Mitre Street # 150). Hotels: Hotel Edelweiss, Hotel Inacayal, Hotel Panamericano, Hotel Tres Reyes, Stop at Avenida Bustillos Km 2,5 (Reference: Hotel Design Suites and Villa Huindid), Stop at Avenida Bustillos Km. 7 (Reference: Hotel Nido del Cóndor, Hotel Rochester, Hotel Lirolay), Stop at Puerto Pañuelo.

*Reference: There is a Stop at the nearest point to the above-mentioned hotels.

Although this Expedition Cruise is a natural adventure, the participants and staff´s security are a priority. The boats are completely equipped and maintained for any adverse condition we may encounter. In the same way, the crew is formed of officials with vast experience doing excursions of this type. The company has the priorities of doing exciting, interesting, and different excursions with the security standards necessary for doing this type of activity.


The service from Puerto Varas to Bariloche or viceversa may be interrupted at any point, staying more than one night at the hotel and then continuing the next day at an established time.


There is no luggage limit. However, the company is not responsible for damage in luggage that exceeds 20 kg / 44.09 lb for excess weight. We suggest carrying suitcases of not more than 20kg. per unit.


The Lakes Crossing is a tourist circuit; the schedules are referential and may be changed by weather conditions and quantity of passengers.


Puerto Montt - Puerto Varas: Oceanic climate, fresh and humid, with average annual temperatures between 10 and 13 ºC, and 1200 to 3000 mm of annual rainfall due to the special influence

Bariloche: Patagonian climate with short fall and spring, and long winter. Average maximum temperature 14 °C, minimum 1.9 °C – rainfall: 907 mm per year.




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