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Punta Arenas | Chile

Punta Arenas is the ideal starting point for adventure seekers planning visits to the Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego.

Start your tour of Punta Arenas by taking part in an old tradition: touch or kiss the Aónikenk Indian’s foot on the monument honoring Magellan in the Plaza de Armas Muñoz Gamero. According to local legend, those who do will be sure to return to Patagonia.

Visit the Magellan Regional Museum, which is housed in an art nouveau palace, and have a coffee in the basement (which used to be the servants’ quarters). The building was commissioned in 1903 by businessman Mauricio Braun and built using wood brought exclusively from the Old World. It now houses a permanent art exhibition as well as period furniture collections.

A more melancholy tour will take you down the silent paths of the Municipal Cemetery, one the most striking in South America. Its cypress trees are beautifully arranged and its mausoleums, gardens and the extravagant tombs blend in with the memories of the many hardworking immigrants and sailors who made Magellan their final destination. This is the final resting place of such colorful characters as José Menendez, who ruled a sheep herding empire centuries ago.

Punta Arenas is also a Free Trade Zone. The 13-acre tax-free shopping area is the perfect place to buy souvenirs or gifts or pick up something you might need while traveling.

Getting by Air
Daily flights depart from Santiago or Puerto Montt to Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Airport in Punta Arenas (located 21 km north of the city).

Getting by land
You can get to Punta Arenas by way of Argentina through one of five border passes. Some ground transportation companies cover the route Osorno - Punta Arenas; the journey takes approximately 36 hours.


Ushuaia | Argentina

In the southern end of the Republic of Argentina, on the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, there lies Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Located on the Beagle Channel, it takes its name -which means "bay overlooking the West"- from the yámana tongue.

Within the impressive frame made up by the sea, the forests, the lakes and the mountains, Ushuaia is a picturesque city with an important tourist services infrastructure, an elegant commercial center and an increasing social and cultural activity.

In its surroundings, Ushuaia offers unexplored untouched territories that invite visitors to discovery and adventure. Therefore, the main activities to be done in this privileged nook are related with nature. Some of them are hiking, horse riding, climbing and diving. Mount Castor Ski Resort is the the option offered by Ushuaia to the lovers of snow during the winter months.

But there is also a site reserved for beholding, such as the cruises and expeditions around islands, glaciers, bays and cliffs: not to be missed. The Tierra del Fuego National Park, with typical animal and vegetable species and important testimonies from the first settlers of the area, protects Lakes Fagnano and Roca, the channel and the southernmost subantartic forests.

Lured by the particular mysticism of its geography and its natural environment, tourists from all round the world visit Ushuaia every year, thus making it one of the most preferred destinations for unique vacations.


Getting by Air
There are direct flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. Flight time is about 3 ½ hours.The frequency varies according to the seasons, although there are always at least onedaily flight. There are also regular flights that connect with El Calafate (gateway to the Glaciers National Park). Ushuaia has an international airport, close to downtown. There is no shuttle service but the taxi ride is not expensive.

Getting by land
If you want to get here by land you must take a ferry and cross through Chilean territory.





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